Okay, so I had a request to make a tutorial for my Mituna cosplay. I didn’t take any pictures until after it was finished, so no pictures for this. I’ll try to explain it as best as I can!

Step 0: Remember to read all the instructions first before you do anything.

Step 1: Gather your materials.




TG: badum badum tsh tsh okay here we go

My name is Strider, I’m always in trouble

I do stupid shit every day on the double

Think your rap’s tight? I’mma burst your ebubble.

I’m growing up fast I mean I even got stubble.

Rose is subtle, quick like chunnel

I leave the juggalo in…

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Sure! PAX is a sort of home-made body paint created by mixing two things: 1) Pros-Aide and 2) Liquitex acrylic paint. It looks like this when applied:


It’s amazing for several reasons:

  • looks awesome. I mean look at that sexy gray hand.
  • easy to apply
  • stays on for a…

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Homestuck Music: Endless Climb

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